Our membership year runs from 1st April until 31st March and all ages from 16 are welcome to join.

Membership Options

We are affiliated to England Athletics and most of our members are also registered with England Athletics. Registration is not compulsory but it has benefits such as discounted entry fees for running events. If you are already registered through another club then you don’t need to do it again when you join us.

So the two options for membership are:

Club membership and EA registration.
Club membership only.

How to Join

Come and meet us on a Tuesday evening for a chat before we set off on our run. You can find out where we will be meeting on our Diary page. You are welcome to run with us a couple of times if you wish to try us out.

If you decide to join, download an application form, fill it in and either email it to our Membership Secretary (preferred) or hand it to a club officer at a Tuesday meeting. After this has been processed you will receive an emailed request for payment to be made on the England Athletics Club Portal.


The annual membership fee for 2018/19 for renewing members is:

£20 for Club membership and EA Registration
£5 for Club membership only

For new members, after we move to using the EA Portal for payments, the fee will be:

£21 for Club membership and EA Registration
£6 for Club membership only

Data Protection

A change in government legislation regarding data protection called The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be in place from 25th May 2018. Our application form will ask you to consent to your data being held by Hatton Darts and shared with England Athletics.

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