Colin Scattergood Club Points Championship

Most of you will know that one of the many prizes on offer each year at the annual club Presentation Evening is the Colin Scattergood Club Points Championship trophy which recognises the runner who has earned the most ‘points’ in the calendar year for participation at races and attendance on club training nights. The current holder of the trophy is Andrew Bennett who retained the prize in 2018 and 2017 having first won it in 2016. Other previous winners include Chris Fletcher (2004, 05), Carol Sharratt (2010, 11), Pete Wright (2003), Colin Scattergood (2000, 01, 02), Duncan Stewart (2006), Mark Slade (2012, 13, 14, 15).
For 2018 it was decided to revamp the competition and restructure the awarding of points with effect from 1st January 2018. The principle objective behind making these changes is to encourage member participation at club events, training nights and races.

For the 2018 competition points will be awarded as follows:-
3 points – For running at a club league race in the Derby Runner XC league and Burton & District Summer League.
2 points – For running at a Tuesday or Thursday club training night.
2 points – For assisting (e.g. officiating, timekeeping, etc) on a club training night.
2 points – For marshalling or volunteering at a club hosted race such as the Sinai XC or the Burton 10k race in August.
1 point – For competing in any other race or a parkrun
1 point – For attendance (non-running) at a club training night

Periodically throughout the year, club members’ points will be sent out by email and updated on this page so you know how you are doing and at the end of the year the top SIX points scorers will receive an equal monetary prize at the Presentation Night with the overall winner also securing the trophy.

Points Table

Up to 31st December.

Colin Scattergood Points Table
NameRacesClub nightsPoints
Andrew Bennett1090680260
Jo Butler1173690246
Barry Birch64785185
Chris Fletcher748452163
Richard Nash1081140163
Stan Knopik1424422154
Mark Slade857291143
Paul Mellor219572141
Jane Wade1034314132
Tom Bradley1156190132
Karen Jackson1026350129
Dave Benstead341320115
John Finn753181115
Adrian Leigh108361112
Carol Sharratt136220107
Pete Wright530271102
Ian Stewart413361100
Tony Press410390100
Dave Smith22334098
Tim Wade10329083
Mitch Pritchard82316082
Sian Hamilton7580079
Leigh Holmes51420170
Jonathon Gregson5510066
Paul Smith41018262
Joanne Stevens3279157
Sharon Wright4259257
Hayley Singleton7912056
Tracey Lambert4420054
Sam Owen31910149
Steve Clews12100046
Brian Thomas5204045
Rachel Elliot1180043
Pete Sennitt11014042
Laura Bingham4108140
Pete Stevens4146040
Andrew Grigg21111039
Paul Waters982039
Amaris Nerys0168234
Jamie Fletcher6160034
Rob Leadbeater11010033
Debbie Gilman4180031
Richard Bayliss1147031
Richard Millward1117131
Alison Dwyer1212029
Sarah Webb0810129
Colin Scattergood0221428
David Vessey0014028
Matt McCormack0511028
Kevin Spare4121127
Nigel Elson2180126
Richard Finnigan0112026
Andy Gadsby037724
Ian Webb059124
Marie Hutson196024
John Piltz068022
Jim Elrick0010121
Duncan Stewart610020
Jeff Heape019020
Chris Baxter1160019
Danial Bower146019
Ion Barnea127019
Tim Matthews127019
Alison Larwood009018
Tracy Hinxman1140017
Jason Tilley1120015
Kevin Jackman045015
Jonny Wilcock007014
Pamela Chamberlain302114
Tom Bartram007014
Phil Daws0130013
Bethan Kwiatkowski152012
Swee-Leng Chuah250011
John Franklin08008
Emily McHugh10207
James Cassidy13007
Ben Buckley13006
James Salt00306
Kath Hallam00306
Ralph Huthmacher04106
Suky Bharth02206
Sarah Austin01205
Claire Calladine11004
Ewan Leadbeater02104
Karen Press00204
Stephen Cotter00204
Wayne Adams02104
Ashley Hurdman03003
Stephen Wilson01103
Jim Londesborough02002
Tony Caulton00102
Andy Thornton01001
Lorna Astley01001
Tony Shephard01001