The Early Years

It all started in 1989 when 4 work colleagues, Stan Knopik, Andy Gadsby, Shaun Greaves and Anthony Shephard (aka Shep ) said “let’s go for a run together“, so without consulting his partner in his ultimate way Shep volunteered his house as the meeting place.

On the first night I went to Shep’s house he was not back from work as he was on site and it was clear to see from the surprise on his partner’s face that he had not told her that we would be coming. Stan and Shaun then turned up and we duly got changed in Shep’s front room went for a run and returned all of a sweat to get changed back into our clothes.

This went on for several months when Shep was only there a few times and gradually the group grew in number and Shep’s partner must have felt really uncomfortable but she never ever mentioned it.

The time came to a head when she walked into her front room to be confronted with 11 sweaty, smelly, hairy bodies and the noise level was disturbing the children’s sleep, plus we took all the downstairs over and she had to go upstairs out of the way.

So onto Hatton Sports and Social club we moved thanks to some negotiation from Shep’s dad and that’s where we got the name from. We also treated ourselves to our first full kit of black shorts plus a white string Rab C. Nesbitt type vest with black solid underarm panels and a sponsors name on the back. We felt the “bees knees” and Hatton Darts had been born.

The numbers increased steadily from there and we stayed at Hatton until the Club house eventually shut down and we were forced to move away but we will never lose the name.

As they say ….. the rest is history.

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