Grand Prix

The races that count towards 2024 Grand Prix points are: (Best 12 races out of 17 to count)

  1. D.Runner XC Boothrope (28 January)
  2. D.Runner XC Shipley Park (11 February)
  3. Run in the Forest 5 Mile (7 April)
  4. Uttoxeter Half Marathon (28 April)
  5. Washlands Relays 2.1mile (12 June) (Wednesday)
  6. Worthington 6 Mile (18th June) Tuesday
  7. Tara Kinder 10k (12 July) (Friday)
  8. Gate Gallop 10k (28 July)
  9. Hobbs Hurst Fell Race (August) (Friday)
  10. Bluebell Fell Race (15 August) (Thursday)
  11. Lichfield 10k (8 September)
  12. Tamworth 5 Mile (15 September)
  13. Derby Runner XC1 (October/November)
  14. Battlestead Croft Parkrun (November)
  15. Derby Mid Week 1 Mile (November)
  16. Derby Mid Week 5k (November)
  17. Derby Runner XC2 (December)

In each Division, the highest placed runner in a qualifying race scores 14 points, the second 13 points and so on. A person’s 12 best scores are counted. Minimum of 5 races to be run to be eligible for promotion and prizes. In each division, 3 are promoted and 3 are relegated at the end of the year.

2024 Standings

Total PtsEventsRace
Shane McNamara51414141013
Dave Smith49411111314
Andy Woolley404791212
Paul Jephcott3948101110
Steve Harvey32467811
Steve Clews31310129
Andrew Tyas2621313
Andrew Bennett193568
Chris Fletcher17298
Paul Waters14114
Stan Knopik12112
Pete Stevens919
Nigel Elson
Mitch Pritchard

Total PtsEventsRace
Gary Milner54413141314
Russell Lipscombe373121213
Kevin Jackman30311811
Rob Leadbeater2321112
Dave Benstead212147
James Cassidy14114
Stuart Bird10110
Richard Finnigan919
Duncan Stewart
Richard Webb
Damon Freeston
Jamie Fletcher
Jamal Webb
Tony Press

Total PtsEventsRace
James Neilson2721413
Steve McDonough14114
Rob Belcher
Richard Bayliss
Andy Gadsby
Wayne Adams
Ian Webb
Kevin Taylor
Graham Lamb
Alex Hinchliffe
Eugene Soch
Marcin Wolano
Mark Coombes
Ralph Huthmacher

Total PtsEventsRace
Linda Milner47410131212
Debbie Vincent4349121111
Jo Butler383111413
Rachel Stevens2721314
Sarah Smith2521213
Claire Calladine14114
Lauren Guyler13114
Sarah Austin
Kelly Jarvis
Pam Chamberlain
Karen Jackson
Helen Finn
Hayley Singleton
Jess Head
Sam Owen
Steph Lloyd
Bek Byron
Andrea Barnes
Jane Godfrey
Lucy Benstead
Sarah Webb
Daisy Smith
Caroline Sayer
Wasifa Webb
Sandra Bennett