Training session – Intervals

Leader: Barry Birch
Meet at Shobnall Reception for a 7:15pm departure. We will do a 1.4 mile warm up run to Forest Edge Way. If you can’t make it to Shobnall for 7:15 go directly to Forest Edge Way; we’ll probably get there at 7:30 but it won’t matter if you’re a little late.
Forest Edge Way is a loop of 0.35 miles having an elevation gain of 22 feet for the first half of the lap, so the intervals will have a slight uphill and downhill. The course is in a residential area, crosses no roads, has good street lighting and has little traffic.
Depending on attendance we may do short buddy relay intervals, which are 2 sets of 15 minutes of approx. 250m efforts and recovery while your buddy runs his/her leg. Otherwise it’ll be the usual 2 sets of 5 x 2 minute efforts with 1 minute recovery between each; 5 minute break between sets.