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So far so good.

Making heavy but good progress.

Gordy, off like a hare.

He only scores me 4? He's not even looking my way!

Marshall warns Duncan of 6 foot mud snake. "I'm telling you, it was this big...."
Duncan laughs off the warning and continues on his way.

I've seen some things in my time.

Naomi : I wish I had brought my shower cap.

Not muddy enough.

No, really I'm fine.

Pam - deep in .... thought

Notice, I'm the only one with the shades.
They're wrap around, jog proof, all weather, UV protection, insulated, double glazed.

Can't see a thing.

Does my bum look big in this?
Kath : What you asking me for? I'm ahead of you.

[Got out of that one nicely! MB]

..... God only knows

Caption Competition time.

Have you tried the showers, they're worse than at Belvedere!

Anyone seen Naomi?

Was this fresh water?
Do you think Nige can really hold his breath this long? - Don't know, but I know this, if he can't, he'll never beat me again!

Who's done what in here?

My work here is done.

 Photographs all thanks to Tony Caulton. Hence he is on none of them.

Great guy Tony - can take part in the race, come home first then get around the rest of the course to watch you all come home! How does he do this?