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The team - before the event.


Distance so far : 20M, Nige has it all in control.
Guess who the eventual winner was.


You're never too old to get out there.
Colin 104 years old at Christmas. Just as youthful and fit as a man 10 years his junior .....


Dave, on hearing heavy breathing in her right ear, decided to make his position quite clear.


Ian was not too impressed with Duncan's assertion that after the start of heat 1, he would walk to the start of heat 2 and meet him there.

Duncan's girlfriend was even less impressed with his directions to the end of the race.

Some days are just like that.


This pained expression I am wearing is hard earned.
Ask me if I enjoyed this event ..... if you dare.


...... although I am a little tired now.


Neal, has never been one to get bowled over in a rush.

He was never seen again.


I smell lager.


Too fast to capture on camera.


So glad it's over.....
.... it
is over?


This girl has followed me all the way, I'll be damned if she comes past.


Got a picture, send it to me.
- but only if you have a unsuitable caption to go with it.