1. Cath sprinting to the line, while sports writer Chris Fletcher commentates with fellow Hatton Dart Lyndsay, using the latest in wireless satellite microphones.
  2. From Geof - Chris and Lyndsey singing "Go -
    o Kathy
    Go go go"

Cath : "Fletch, how have you got your hand all the way around here?"

Having won the race, Fletch tries his hand at the power lifting competition.

Be honest, there is no end to the number of captions for this one.

  1. Lyndsey : "I'm not so sure Fletch"
    Fletch : "I'm telling you the hill was that steep."
  2. Fletch : "Salute the flag."
    Lyndsey : "Are you sure it's the left hand"
  3. Fletch : "Apparently the trophy is invisible, and I have been told not to drop it."
    Lyndsey: "I can't actually see it?"