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Sun 13 August 2006   <TEST VIEW>

I have had to crop and reduce the quality of these photographs, so that they fit the page better and load quicker.

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The pictures are numbered HD01.jpg to HD39.jpg.  Each picture is a link to the next, if the next link is to HD17. then you are looking at HD16.

If you have a caption, or what to add a title to a picture, as I have no idea who these people are, drop me a line .

HD10K 01_thb.jpg


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HD10K 10_thb.jpg

They'll never notice me joining in at the back.

HD10K 11_thb.jpg

Not a looker amongst them.

HD10K 12_thb.jpg

This is what I came for.

HD10K 13_thb.jpg

If I give you this cheque, will you give it me back in a moment.

HD10K 14_thb.jpg


HD10K 15_thb.jpg

Mum, why do you bring me to these photo shoots.

HD10K 16_thb.jpg


HD10K 17_thb.jpg

Unseen by his team members, Paul is caught bribing the officials.

Paul features heavily in the prizes that follow.

HD10K 18_thb.jpg


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HD10K 37_thb.jpg


HD10K 38_thb.jpg


HD10K 39_thb.jpg

Who says Nige has been asleep all season?







I'm pacing the younger ones.
If they catch up, I'll let them pass








Pam - showing her true colours



This is not ALL my hair..




Naomi field testing the new external heart pacemaker.

She was later heard to comment, "You can hardly notice I am wearing it."


It's hard to concentrate when there's some GPS woman shouting in my ears, "Turn around at the next safe place"


"If Dean doesn't get out of the way, I'm going to knock him over!"


"What? Finish Post? No mate, not seen it."







"When will this cattle grid end? Seems to be going on forever!"





"When my pony tail swings to the East, I get a good signal."

"I'm sure I can hear music."




"You have arrived at your destination."