Photographs from 2006

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19 January 2006 Sinai Park - Geoff Mulcahy


Fletch in Prague - with thanks to Running with Dave, & Phil Salt

He seemed eager to join for the cross country season so I got his signature as a legally binding agreement on the club vest. I was just about to go but enquired as to his name,"Paul. Paul Tergat",

"I should be running in the morning but have an injury." I asked him "Are you any good?" He replied "Not bad, I do a 3.04 marathon on a good day." 

Did my hearing fail me did he say 3.04 or 2 .04, I can't remember.

Ron Hill happily agreeing a deal to supply Ron Hill Product to TC.

Some photos from Staffordshire Way







A snapshot of the pre-race activities of the Washland Relays.


Cath - Racing the train.

I might be in the junior event, but never under estimate the opposition.


Midland Relays at Sutton Park. 23 September 2006
A few good men